Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tutu Lexi Lu Who

Lexi looks like such a princess! Not to mention she loved all the fun colors in the skirt!!
Take a look!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fun with the Camera

So when we moved into out house we decided not to get cable. After watching PBS kids and hearing Tray and Violet on on the computer at PBS kids .org I was fed up with it until I found a new channel well it all the sudden showed up when the switch to digital happened. QUBO oh my word it has the cutest shows either that or I am relieved to be watching something other then "Sid the Science Kid". Tray loves taking pictures and this is one of his pieces.
Lexi and her cute sweater
This is what happens when my kids are given suckers, they love to share! Hence the flu hitting every person in our household.
my sweet baby
I wonder what she is thinking
Sad face

Some time when we are at home and I feel so inspired I grab my camera and start taking random fun picture. Here are some from about a week or two ago. Violet has gotten this attitude and its been really trying my patients so sometimes when she is really making me mad I take pictures and it keeps me from yelling and screaming. It's good therapy!!!

don't let this face fool you

I thought her hair was fun this day
"I don't have to be good I'm cute"
Uh oh I'm going to fall

He wanted to take pictures and he was sad he couldn't at the time.
We Love this book "Ten Little Dinosaurs"
this book is hilarious

Her Vampire look "I'm going to suck your blood"
These Pictures Tray took I was quite impressed pretty good for a 5 year old and a big camera.
Mother and Daughter
upside down baby
kissy kissy
Shes such a happy baby

I just love pictures they make me so happy to look at!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

We love the Hendricks

When we were in Idaho we were able to go and see my very best friend I have known since I was a wee one, Sarah Olsen Hendricks I just love her so much. She just had her second baby and I decited to make a house call and do her hair there.
I love baby bellies!!!!
Tony Rocking the night away
Playing in the toy bucket fun new toys!!!!
Me doing Sarahs hair in the back round
Baby Lexi looking cute
Tray watching the game on TV
Violet Dawn silly lady
Baby Emma
so Tired
sweet sweet pea
this chair rocks

So this char I think was Tonys when he was a kid thanks tony for letting us use it!!