Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fun pictures of Lexi

I will post more pictures later about Easter But here is Lexi on Easter day I made Lexi and Violet matching bows for their fun Easter outfits my kids are so fun and cute.

Easter 2009

Thursday, April 2, 2009

More Lexi Alyce Duncan

side note kids were a little sick hence the masks okay continue on....

Introducing(....drum roll....)Baby Lexi Alyce Duncan

Lexi Alyce Duncan8lbs 3oz

21 in.long

March 14 2009

Born 2 weeks early

Dark Hair

Midnight blue eyes

We are so happy she has joined our family!

Pregnancy for VicTom #3

Amazing look how fat she can get!!! Here we are waiting for the big day, and waiting........

Wow soooo.....It's been a while! for those of you not on facebook I have some fun pictures of the baby situation. Here is me 9 months prego. So there was a little bit of complication during the pregnancy with me the baby was fine I was extremely anemic and had to be on Iron pills the whole 9 yards and there was a possibility of a blood transfusion but I am fine due to an amazing doctor and nurses staff they knew exactly what to do. Due to this I was sooooooooooo incredibly tired and sore and worn out I feel so much better now!