Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tommy and Victoria Duncan

Tommy and I have been married for 5 years almost. It's still honneymoon haven I get soooooo exited when he comes home from work every day, and I just want to spend every second I have with him. He is so much fun to be with, he is a wonderful father and husband I couldn't of asked for anyone better.

Trays Life so Far

Tray Broke his leg Last July and it was so rough. But he was a trooper about the whole situation.The little guy even got potty trained right before it happened and he was bound and determined to remain a BIG BOY, and so he did.

Tray is a crazy, happy boy and he loves Spider man, Power Rangers, Steelers' Football, and scary movies.Hands Down the coolest kid around.

Violet Dawns Life so far

Violet had a little bit of a rough start coming into this world. She got a bad sickness and was hospitalized at about 2 weeks old. Brochiolitis and Influenza A was her diagnosis. She was in the hospital for 2 weeks, 2 Long weeks and the P-ICU for 4 days.She stopped breathing 3 time and scared the living crap out of us. She is well and no long term damage.

She was such a happy baby and she makes our lives joyful every second shes around.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Introducing the Duncan's

So Here it goes......

My name is Victoria Ann (Spencer) Duncan I am Married to a Crazy cool man Tommy Ray Duncan II and the two of us made 2 kids. Tray (Tommy Ray Duncan III) is the oldest at a whopping 3 1/2 He will be 4 June 11th the toughest kid in the neighborhood and not to mention he's a smart cookie. Violet Dawn Duncan is our little princess she just turned 2 February 17th she may have the name of a delicate flower but girlfriend can hold her own. This is our little family and I love them soooooooo incredibly much. We live in Northern California in the San Jose Bay Area. It is beautiful here and I hope to be able to live here forever.

I am busy being a mom and being a very part time hair stylist. I do Hair a little in my home and I also travel to Idaho every 8 weeks and do hair in my little salon my Dad built for me and my mom. I love to craft, scrapbook, decorate cakes and be with my family.

Tommy is a graphic designer at Omnivision a company here in Sunnyvale. Between his DVD collection and family and his organized supremacy board game he play with is brothers and friends once a week, he is crazy busy and he loves it. It fun to see the little boy come out of him now that Tray and Violet are this fun age, its also fun to walk into the kids room and find Tommy cuddled up with Violet watching Barbie Rapunzel movie, I just find it amusing.

Wow I feel like I have written a christmas letter

so Marry Christmas to all
Victoria Duncan